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Winter 2015 R Baby Newsletter
Grant Updates, R Baby Heroes, Helping R Baby, Sponsor Your ER, Real Stories, and more.
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R Baby has Officially Launched Our New ‘Kids Help R Baby’ Program!
We are honored that Sydney Rosenbaum recently chose R Baby for her Mitzvah project. Sydney did it all on her own and raised thousands of dollars and garnered great press coverage to help share our important mission with even more parents. We are also thrilled that both Bryce Gelman and Jacob Werner have chosen R Baby for their Mitzvah projects as well.
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PediaCast: A Pediatric Podcast for Parents
PediaCast is an amazing resource for parents, presented by Nationwide Children’s Hospital of Ohio and hosted by Dr. Mike Patrick.

Why You Should Be Alarmed About Pediatric Emergency Care in the U.S.
The vast majority of doctors working in emergency care have received only four months of training in pediatrics, and what they learned about treating full-grown adults rarely translates well.
From Pacific Standard
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When to Take Your Newborn to the E.R.
Changes in Behavior and Appearance that are Cause for Concern
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Nine medicines you shouldn't
give your toddler

Young children are much more likely than adults to have adverse drug reactions, so giving your toddler prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication – even "herbal" medicines – is serious business.
From babycenter.com
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Doctors Discover How to Possibly
Prevent Colds in Infants

Doctors may have found a way to help prevent or at least ease colds in young babies. A new study from Emory University found young babies had fewer colds that didn't last as long when their mothers took DHA supplements while pregnant.
From 9news.com
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9 Pediatric Emergency Essentials
Of the nation's more than 5,700 hospitals, only about 250 are children's hospitals. Only 6% of hospitals have all the pediatric supplies they need. If you have a choice of local ERs, ask your doctor which is best prepared to treat children.
From cnn.com
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What to Do If Your Baby Catches Cold
Is that sniffle just a couple of runny boogers, or is it the start of the world's worst ear infection? And what does snot have to do with earaches, anyway? Keeping tracking of every sniffle, cough and, let's face it, fart can be a daunting task. See what parenting expert Beth Feldman, founder of Role Mommy has to say about spotting and treating your baby's first cold.
From sheknows.com
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7 Drugs That Can Kill Kids in a Single Pill
R Baby Foundation recommends you add the Poison Control Center Hotline to your cell phone: 1-800-222-1222
A review paper published earlier this month in the journal Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice outlined the risks of more than three dozen medicines that, the authors noted, could kill kids in a single swallow. From wchbnewsdetroit.com
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Are You Ready for An Emergency?
Most hospitals in the U.S. do not have the equipment or expertise to treat children in their emergency departments. Just six percent of U.S. hospital emergency departments have the necessary equipment, medications and experts to properly care for pediatric patients, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Emergency Nurses Association. From The Children's Hospital Watch video »

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