Lilike’s Story

LilikeDaughter of Sylvia and Stephen Weisz

Our daughter Lilike was born at 39 weeks on Wednesday June 25, 2003 at 2:05 p.m. Shortly after a rapid birth where they broke my water and Lilike swallowed too much amniotic fluid, I noticed Lilike was very pale and that she was a little blue around her lips. Within an hour her skin was pulling under her ribs as she breathed. She was taken down to the NNU to be given some oxygen in a humidicrib, as she was breathing rapidly, had a low temperature and was still very pale.

Lilike had a pulse oximeter around her foot that was attached to a monitor, and she was given 23 to 28 percent oxygen overnight in a humidicrib. On the day Lilike was born it took a lot of effort too get her to latch on for breastfeeding; she did not even suckle and became really sleepy. Our biggest concern was that on the day she was born, Lilike had a high white cell count – a sign her body may be trying to fight off a possible infection.

Lilike was promptly started on IV antibiotics on the same day she was born, and daily heel pricks tested her blood for infection but came back negative. Because of her high white cell count, Lilike was given antibiotics through a vein in her arm for nearly a week. On day five, her drip was taken out and Lilike went for her first bath, where she cried from the stimulation of being taken out of the bath.

After listening to her daddy talk to her for a while, Lilike grew sleepy but started to look pale again. She made one gasping sound and just wanted to sleep. They wanted to put an IV into Lilike’s scalp because they could not find a vein easily, but Lilike was getting very upset and stressed at attempts to find a vein. They soon decided they would give Lilike antibiotics in her thigh instead.

Since the day she was born, Lilike had been on five days of IV antibiotics while in the NNU and had been given two doses of antibiotics in the thigh on days six and seven. She spent a total of seven days in the NNU and two days rooming with us – a 9-day day hospital stay.

Thankfully Lilike was one of the lucky babies who received the special care she needed after birth. Early signs of a possible infection were treated promptly with IV antibiotics to avoid a possible infection that could have affected her health. As a result of the special care she was given after birth and in the days following, Lilike is now a happy and very healthy little girl.