What to Look for and How to Prevent the Spread
of Enterovirus 68 and other Viruses

What to look for:

  1. Symptoms start out like a cold including a runny nose, cough and possibly a fever.
  2. Watch for breathing that seems labored or faster than normal, or audible with wheezing.This is especially important for patients with a history of asthma.
  3. For children at risk, such as those with chronic cardiac or respiratory conditions or young infants, seek care immediately if they become symptomatic.
  4. If you are worried, don’t wait. Call or go to your pediatrician immediately!
  5. It can take one to two weeks to recover fully.

Tips for preventing the spread of the virus:

  1. Cover coughs and sneezes! Encourage your children to cough and sneeze into their elbows, not their hands.
  2. Make sure everyone in your family is washing hands or using hand sanitizer regularly and when they get home from school and work.
  3. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as toys, countertops and doorknobs.
  4. Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  5. Don’t send your child to school with symptoms including a fever.

Resources for Viral Infection Prevention

R Baby Foundation recommends the following resources on newborn viral infection diagnosis and prevention:

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