Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Resuscitation of Neonates, Infants and Children by Pediatric Providers

In emergency situations, there is no room for error. Better training and equipment is needed to train providers caring for critically ill infants and children in emergency situations. This grant focuses on providing highly skilled resuscitation teams high-fidelity simulation technology that will allow them to perform optimally and with minimal errors. A robotic infant attached to a monitor will be used to simulate a “real-life” resuscitation experience in which the pediatric provider will enhance their knowledge and skills for real-life resuscitations. By enhancing exposure to appropriate “code” situations, providers can perfect resuscitation skills and gain real-life experience through this grant’s funding of high-fidelity simulation technology and training for faculty and residents.

NYU’s infant resuscitation simulation training program resulted in significant quality improvements including faster administration of life saving medications, improved speed of cardiac pacing, and facilitated more rapid ordering of blood tests. For one life saving procedure, 93% of physicians were successful after simulation training compared to 50% without this training (as a result of increased confidence, skills and knowledge).