Volunteer Ideas

Helping to raise awareness and funds for pediatric emergency care can help make sure any baby or child in an emergency situation gets the best possible healthcare:

Help us raise awareness:

  • Share our website with 5 friends to educate them about the importance of improving pediatric emergency care!
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
    post and tweet showing your support!
  • Ask 5 friends what their pediatric emergency experiences
    have been and have them share their stories
  • Know any media contacts? We have a PSA ad we would like to be seen in more places and/or our board and medical board are available for interviews.  For more information or to create your own awareness campaign, please email us at Katie@rbabyfoundation.org
  • Print out our PSA ad and hand out as a flyer or hang in local stores for more people to learn about R Baby
  • Contact the State Department of Health, your local state legislators, your members of congress and the Governor’s office in your state to encourage support for all ERs in your state to become better prepared for children and a clearer definition of pediatric emergency rooms for the best specialized care
  • Send an email to 5 friends and ask them to help today:
    “I am sending this email to 5 friends in the hopes that you will join me in supporting this important cause that affects all of our families and future families. Did you know that your hospital may or may not be prepared for your child? Babies are not mini-adults. They need specialized training and equipment.  R Baby Foundation was born for a single purpose:  to save as many babies lives while improving pediatric emergency care.“
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